Child Care Licensing


The licensing authority for this child care agency is the Bureau of Child Care Standards and Licensing. lnformation regarding recent licensing and monitoring visits for this child care agency is available by calling the Bureau at 603-271-4624 or 1-800-852-3345, extension 4624.

During licensing, monitoring, and complaint investigation visits to child care agencies, the department interviews children regarding the care they receive at the child care agency if the licensing specialist thinks the child's response would be valuable in determining the quality and level of care provided. lf you do not want your child interviewed or, if you wish to be informed prior to your child being interviewed, you must provide a signed, dated statement to the agency director indicating your preference. This statement must be updated annually.

The well being of day care children is our concern. We recognize that interviewing young children is a delicate responsibility. Therefore, we will make every attempt to help any child we interview feel comfortable by being gentle, reassuring, sensitive and casual. We will spend time playing with the child and will take into account the child’s level of maturity and willingness to talk with us.

We believe it is important to interview children when monitoring child care agencies because children often provide us with valuable information about the care they receive and important datcare activity that we are unlikely to observe. We ask questions about meals, snacks, activities, teachers, fire drills, daycare rules and what happens if children don’t follow the rules.

The following are a few of the considerations we will follow when we interview children.

  1. We will have the teachers introduce us to the children and explain why we  are there.
  2. Children will be randomly selected for the interview and will be asked if they would like to talk with us.  It has been our experience that children enjoy the interview.  However, children may refuse and will not be pressured.