Each of the two rooms will accommodate up to 8 infants and are designed to stimulate our infant's visual and tactile senses. Separate sleeping areas and play areas for young infants are maintained in each room. The older, more mobile infants have their own play area in each room. A large variety of toys and activities are planned to stimulate their young minds. We encourage them to be inquisitive and to explore their environment.

There is always a caregiver close by to provide a hug when needed and to sit and play with them.  Soft climbing equipment will provide an opportunity for the child to safely climb in and also to look outside.

When the weather permits, the infants can go for a ride in our six-seat  stroller.

A separate diaper changing area, a separate kitchen area and separate crib areas make each infant room self-sufficient.


Two or three filled bottles of formula or milk (with child's name on bottles), two complete sets of clothing, including socks, two small bibs, a light crib blanket, disposable diapers, and wipes. If your child runs out of diapers, the parent will be called to bring diapers in. We do not have spare diapers.

Soiled clothes, bibs and blankets are sent home to wash. Please remember to replace the clothes for the next morning. All clothing items should be labeled with the child's name.


Please do not bring in toys from home. We have an ample supply of them and toys from home could become lost, broken or mixed with ours.

Pacifiers may be brought in, but will be used sparingly, only when the child demands it and when all other needs have been met first.

The infant rooms are open from 7:00 AM until 5:30 PM. An overtime charge in 15-minute increments will be charged for any time after 5:30 PM.