Policy and Procedures


All of our programs are full-day programs with the exception of our Before and After School Programs and our Bright Start Preschool Program. Children may be enrolled for three, four or five days. When an opening occurs, we will give preference to full-time students.

We have limited spaces available for low-income families on State aid for childcare, therefore if we have reached our limit; we may not be able to accept the child right now, but they will be placed on a waiting list.


Payment is due on Monday morning for the current week or on the first day of the week that your child attends.

All overdue balances at the end of month are subject to a 3% late fee or a $25.00 late fee whichever is higher. For those who pay on a monthly basis, you will be charged a $25.00 late fee if not paid by the 25th of the month.

Payments can be made either by cash or by check. If your check is returned for nonsufficient funds more than twice, you will be asked to make payments on a cash basis. There will be a $25.00 charge for returned checks.

Payment for the eight days that we are closed is expected whether your child is full time or part-time, if your regular day happens to fall on a holiday. We cannot allow any switching of days. If you wish to have your child attend on another day other than your regular day, you will be charged for that day.

You are charged a weekly fee based upon the number of days you signed up for. This weekly rate is due each week even though your child may have been absent or attended only a couple of hours each day.


A full two-week notice in writing, submitted to the front office, is required when withdrawing your child for any reason. You will be charged for two weeks tuition if you fail to give us the two-week notice. Any balances left at termination will be sent to collections. When withdrawing your child temporarily, a registration fee is necessary in order to secure a place for your child's return. Upon readmission, the tuition will be at the current rates.


Any change of schedule requires a two-week notice. The change must be made with the front office in writing.


Our fees are based on a 9-hour day for infants and toddlers and a 9 1/2 - hour day for older children. You are asked to sign a form telling us the hours your child(ren) will be arriving and what time they will be picked up. Anytime you need to deviate from these hours, you will need to check with the office first, to see if this is possible. We always try to maintain the proper child/staff ratio. By deviating from your normal arrival and departure times, you could throw the child/staff ratio off.

If your work schedule requires you to work longer than 9 ½  hours per day or both parents work out of town and need care for longer hours, then we may adjust your weekly or daily fee for the extra time. A 9 or 10- hour day is a very long day for a child. For your child's sake, we encourage you to pick up your child on time.

Please call us when your child will not be in school.


We operate Monday through Friday, 52 weeks per year. We are closed on the six major holidays: Christmas, New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving. We also close on one or two extra days for staff development purposes. These days may vary, but you will be notified well in advance. Typically the days are President's Day in February and the Friday of Labor Day weekend, or the last Friday in August. The workshop days are subject to change.


A vacation of one week is allowed without payment if your child has attended Wee Play School for twelve consecutive months. A regular tuition payment is expected for any other week-long absences for whatever reason. A written notice of your vacation schedule is required one month in advance or payment will be expected, even if you qualify for an unpaid vacation. Children who take the summer off are not eligible for a free week of vacation. Vacations are only allowed to be taken from Monday through Friday of the same week. They cannot be carried to the next week. Vacation days cannot be saved for another year.