There are three rooms for toddlers and one transition room for children who turn three after September 30th.

Snoopy Room: 12 - 24 months • Smurf Room: 24 - 36 months

Muppet Room: 24 - 36 months • Barney Room: 30 - 42 months

All toddler children are required to be at the center by 11:00 AM.


The prerequisite to enter the Snoopy Room is that the child must be weaned from the bottle (at least during the day), eating regular food, be able to sleep on a mat and have one afternoon nap only.

This room is planned for 15 children and three teachers. It provides soft climbing equipment to allow for the child's greater range of mobility as well as some quiet space to read books and individual spaces for when the child wants to be alone. The children will experiment with different textures, shapes and colors as well as learn finger plays and songs.

Morning snack, a well-balanced noon meal and an afternoon snack are served. Self-feeding is encouraged and drinking from a 'sippy cup' is part of the regular routine. Each child is asked to bring in a small, light blanket for naptime that is from 12:45 to 2:30 P.M.  A large plastic bib and one complete set of clothing with your child's name on the items should be left in the room.

The children who are walking will be playing outdoors; therefore, your child will need a sun hat during the summer months and boots, snow pants and mittens during the winter months. Parents are asked to bring in disposable diapers. If your child runs out of diapers, the parent will be called to bring diapers in. We do not have spare diapers.

We cannot accommodate part time Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday schedules.

The Snoopy Room opens at 7:30 P.M. until 5:30 P.M. An overtime charge in 15-minute increments will be charged for anytime after 5:30 P.M.


These rooms, geared for the 24-month to the 36-month old child, will accommodate 15 children and a staff of three. Self-help skills are emphasized here as well as socialization skills. Color and shape recognition are skills that are encouraged through play and games. Language development is encouraged through songs and finger plays and symbolic play is enhanced in the housekeeping area and with blocks.

Morning and afternoon snacks, as well as a nutritionally balanced noon meal are served.

Potty training is begun around the age of two years 4 months with parental cooperation. However, if the child shows an interest before that age and should ask to go, then potty training will be encouraged.


Disposable diapers are to be brought in by the parents. A spare set of clothing, labeled with your child's name should be left in your child's cubby in a zip-locked bag. When they are soiled, please replace them promptly. Parents will be called if your child has no clothes available when your child needs a change. A sun hat during the summer months and snow pants, boots and mittens during the winter are needed and should be kept at the center for the week.

If your child runs out of diapers, the parent will be called to bring in more diapers. We do not have spare diapers.

A fee in 15-minute  increments will be charged for any late pick-up for any reason beyond 5:30 P.M.


We have created the Barney Room because some children turn three years old after September 30th, which makes them too young to be preschoolers and too old to be toddlers. This transition room, between toddlers and preschoolers from 2 years 6 months to 3 years 6 months, reinforces colors, shapes and introduces letters and number recognition.  Having the children verbalize during play, communicating their feelings and sharing experiences, is essential for language growth.

Learning manners is important to development in this room. Encouraging the children to use "please" and "thank you"; asking instead of taking; sharing; using the correct tone of voice and eating properly at the table, are all part of the daily routine.

Self-help skills, which include potty training, if not already established, dressing and undressing and asking for help when needed,  provide steps toward self-confidence.

7:00am All 2-year olds go into the Big Bird Room after leaving their belongings in their own room.
7:30am Indoor playground
8:00am Children taken from indoor into classroom for free play, diapering or potty training.
8:45am Snack
9:30am Diapering or potty training.
9:45-10:45am Outside play.
11 am - 12pm Planned activity time, diapering or potty training. 
12:00pm Lunch.
12:30pm Story time.
12:45-2:30pm Naptime
2:30pm Diapering or potty training.
3:00pm Snack
3:15-5:30pm Afternoon activities & free play until departure time.